The story of on

Today, Orkester Norden is a phenomenal development. It is the result of a unique Nordic collaborative effort within our shared Nordic culture. Moreover, the orchestra helps educate future professional orchestra musicians and competently carries our Nordic heritage into the future.

Orkester Norden is launched by a visionary conductor almost 30 years ago, on the initiative of Lions Club, Sweden. Star conductor, Esa-Pekka Salonen, is the first person to lead the Nordic youth orchestra.

In 1993, Rikskonserter in Stockholm, Sweden, hosts Orkester Norden for 15 years.

Salonen regards the continued advancement of music in the Nordic countries as important, at a time when discussions on the EU and the opening of Europe’s borders are at their peak.

”One should remember that the Nordic countries have been involved in cultural collaborations for a long time. Since World War II, this has only grown stronger, especially in music,” Salonen, the former artistic director in Sweden, says. The orchestra’s aims include strengthening Nordic cultural cooperation as well as cooperation with the new Baltic states.


Move ON – Visions

ON – will share knowledge

ON – is a platform for young musicians from the Nordic and Baltic regions. The goal is to meet, develop and create music together – with input from the most renowned musicians and composers, who would like to share their experience and knowledge.

ON – focuses on young people’s career

ON’s aim is to give young musicians the tools they need. They can use these tools to actively take responsibility for their music and for their own career – a dialogue that must take place in a musical environment, with an eye on the future, and a broader perspective.

ON – celebrates artistic development

ON will be the artistic arena, an ongoing phenomenon that will advance and challenge the students, the audience, and musical life in general. We will be at the orchestral forefront, leaving behind  outdated conventions.

ON – cultivates musicians

ON aims to develop the individual musician’s ability to reflect critically and subtly – in relation to the repertoire, interpretation, teamwork, and audience participation.

ON’s focus – advancing our Nordic cultural heritage

ON always focuses on its Nordic musical heritage. We would like to advance the classical music tradition together with sounds from improvised and electronic music. We perform works by great Romantic-era classical composers, as well as rock, pop and film music, and 20th century classics.

ON’s energy gets results

It’s a magical summer experience when 70-100 young, playful, passionate souls discover the joy of creating music together over two weeks with 10 days of intensive rehearsals. The energy gets results!