Application materials

. Audition materials for summer 2021 will be available autumn 2020. 

Audition materials available from 2.12.2020


Orkester Norden is a symphony orchestra for young musicians who are 15 to 26 years old when the orchestra meets. You can join if you are a student at a conservatory in Scandinavia or the Baltic States, or if you are a citizen of one of these countries and attend a conservatory in another country. 

Keep in mind that even if you do not meet all the eligibility criterias, we still encourage you to apply.
You will be considered for any potential vacancies in the orchestra.


Application and audition instructions are available on this site after 2.12. 2020. 

Facts about ON 2021

Participation in ON ’21 is free and travel during the course/concert tour is included.
We provide daily meals and shared hostel rooms. More practical info will be sent to you if you get an invitation to the orchestra.

NOTE: You must pay your own travel to and from Lahti/Finland (or return travel cost from the last destination of the tour). 

Keep in mind that you can apply your local Lions Club for a travel grant.
About the travel grant, contact the local Lions Club first.
For more information about the travel grant you can contact Lions ON Coordinator in the Nordic countries:

Nordic NSR Coordinator, PID Tapani Rahko

Sweden, Martin Enqvist
Norway, Kari Sandøy-Jarman
Denmark, Lisbeth Andreasen
Finland, Erkki Voutilainen
Iceland, Jóhanna Valdemarsdóttir