Congratulations Eivind Gullberg Jensen! 

Maestro move – Dutch hire a Norwegian Chief



Orkester Norden’s needs all your support to make sure we exist in the future as well. Our funding is under threat from 2023 onwards and we want everyone to understand why Orkester Norden is important! 

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It is of exceptional shortsightedness to reduce and even withdraw the funding of Orkester Norden. ON is almost 30 years old as an institution and has during all these years proven to be the number one educator for excellent orchestra musicians around the Nordic countries. The discussion these days is often “why don’t our local musicians win jobs in our local orchestras?” This is wrong, because our local musicians do win jobs, and more often than not Orkester Norden has played a significant role in their becoming excellent professionals- not limited to learning and playing relevant repertoire under esteemed conductors, but very importantly also being coached by leading instrumentalists. I can not understand how such a culturally significant institution would not have funding in the future. I do hope we can change this, for the sake of the Nordic orchestral landscape.

Eva Ollikainen
chief conductor and artistic leader Iceland Symphony Orchestra

And Eivind Gullberg Jensen

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