ON sponsors and partners

Orkester Norden is managed by a passionate team who’s members are dedicated to strengthen and develop the best youth symphony orchestra in the Nordic and Baltic regions. 

The Association of Finnish Lions Clubs

The Lions organization is the main organization behind Orkester Norden.

It is a global charitable and non-political charity organization that provides assistance to people in need. We have a strong desire to help locally. We are also ready to participate in national and international projects.

City of Lahti

Lahti is a city of 120,000 residents and a centre for a region of 200,000 people. It has the best of both worlds: the attractiveness, intimate cosiness and originality of a small town, yet the services, efficiency and logistics of a major city.

Svenska Kulturfonden

Svenska kulturfonden delar årligen ut drygt 40 miljoner euro i understöd till utbildning, kultur och svenskspråkig verksamhet i Finland. 

Mikkeli Music Festival 

The Mikkeli Music Festival 2024 is a tribute to European values of freedom. The festival programme is a cavalcade of top international and Finnish orchestras and musicians, such as Saimaa Sinfonietta, the Philharmonia, the Vivo Symphony Orches. Welcome to celebrate joy, freedom and equality and fantastic musical delights in the Mikkeli Music Festival 2024!

Symphony Orchestra Vivo

Vivo was founded in 1986. The initial idea for the orchestra was given by the young players who, on the way back from the music camp, shared their desire to play together all year round. Conductor Kari Tikka supported the idea and established a large symphony orchestra for young musicians. The debut concert in Helsinki was held at the Old Student Hall in the spring and winter of 1989, and since then the orchestra has performed regularly in various parts of Finland. Musicians are at the age of 13-25 years and they get together 4-6 times a year.

After Kari Tika, the artistic directors have been Mikko Franck in 1997-1999, Tibor Bogányi in 2000-2002 and Esa Heikkilä in 2003-2016. Conductor Erkki Lasonpalo started his season as Vivo’s artistic director at the beginning of 2019.


MIELI Mental Health Finland

MIELI Mental Health Finland is a mental health organisation whose mission is to promote mental health, provide crisis support and prevent mental health issues. We want to build a society in which people can talk about mental health safely and without stigma.